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What would you put in your garden if you had to make a buddhist garden which would be used for meditation?

I have to make a buddhist meditation garden. I have to write the beliefs of buddhists.


  1. I have a garden gnome who spends his time sitting on a rock smoking his pipe in the middle of a flower garden. This is working out very well for him and for me.

  2. @Winnie, thanks for adding that website. I was thinking about creating a garden to meditate in this summer myself. What an awesome website. It’s given me some teriffic ideas.
    I hope you get chosen as best answer 😀

  3. There a few things I’d recommend:
    * underneath a tree or an umbrella for shading during sunny day
    * storage for a cushion or a mat for meditation sitting, extra mats if your friends joining you
    * portable mp3 player with speakers for meditation music
    * a picture frame with the image of the Buddha master
    * incense or plate filled offering to the Buddha master
    * a sign with sacred text from the scripture hang somewhere in the garden visible to the meditation sitting, (For example, my favorite words are: “Falun Gong Is Good.” )
    * small coffee table area for tea and the Buddhist scriptures for reading


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