Home Discussion Forum What would you like to accomplish in your next consciousness/life?

What would you like to accomplish in your next consciousness/life?

Peace and Love


  1. Why wait around?
    Why not do it in THIS life?
    After all — if the Chinese government can outlaw reincarnation, who’s to say that the U.S. won’t be next?

  2. I want a chance to be one of those slim, elegant, beautiful, charming, intelligent young women who can have anything they want just by smiling at the right person. I want to believe I would use such power wisely, and not get too conceited.
    That’s what I WANT to believe.

  3. Looking forward to a life of peace and happiness, no crime, no pain, no sorrow…………….and forever !
    Hmmmm, guess its just the CHRISTIAN WAY !

  4. Aunt B you always bring a smile to my face. Thanks!
    I presume my next incarnation will be a continuation of all the others — just as we wake and sleep each day we wake and sleep between lives. But each day we awaken to continue on.
    Whether in body or not I hope to keep planting seeds of Oneness and acceptance and to help everyone see the divine seeds planted in each other so that each can nurture those aspects and see them bloom into fruition.
    As those divine sparks are fueled, humanity can begin to know its worth and the planet can become a radiant expression of light and love, something everyone dreams of.
    That we may each do our part 🙂
    ((((( Cosmic Radiance )))))

  5. Very prosaic things. From a young age, I’d plan on regular flossing, brushing, drinking tons of water, staying out of the sun, a better diet, and exercise – particularly yoga. When I’m old and take a fall, I’d much rather sink gracefully into the splits than break a hip.

  6. The same as I am trying to accomplish in this one, and your salutation sums it up quite nicely, Peace and Love. ;-)))
    I have a different perspective than most, not only do I ‘know’ that we manifest many lives here, I also ‘know’ that they are not linear, in the relative Universe sense, they are all superimposed one over another, and are all taking place at the same point of ‘Time/Space’, thus those manifestations that I have remembered well are happening ‘Now’, as well as this one.
    This may be difficult to grasp as an idea, when one is ‘fixed’ in ‘Time’, but after a while ( heehehehehe ) one gets accustomed to it. It then becomes easier to understand that one can ‘decide’ to wrap it all up at any moment. Karma, Fate, Destiny, Eternity, all of these are determinative factors within our individual control, all we have to do is take back the ‘reins’ from our ‘ruling entity’.
    Thus I have ‘remembered’ my last death, that the manner of that death was an intentional act of sacrifice that allowed me to balance my karmic sheet, and choose, in this manifestation, how the generality of it’s course would go. Not from the outset, I had to go through the first ‘half’ ( in human monkey suit terms ) before I got back up to ‘speed’.
    My speciality is human conflict, and, ultimately, the ending of it. So that is my goal, to contribute to the total elimination of Fear, and all the unpleasantness that results from it.
    I’d like to think that we can do this during the course of this manifestation, both for myself, and the vast majority of those who may read these words.
    {{{{{{{{{{{{Cosmic Now}}}}}}}}}}}}}
    Edit :
    I’d love to see Meerkatz cycling around the world ‘non-solo’, how would you do that ? Tandem ??? ;-)))

  7. I don’t know. I’m not sure I can even go there. This life has far exceeded any expectation I started with & has carried me to places I just really never knew existed or thought I might be capable, & I’m not done with this one yet. I will have to see my ending place before I can even concieve of any goal for next time.

  8. By the way, in my current existence, I planned to become enlightened … I mean, why think small while you are at it?
    Hehehe … guess if I am yet? Well, there’s still time …
    So, for my next existence, I’m thinking to take it down a notch:
    I would like to become a mountaineer and climb Mount Everest.
    I would also like to become a movie producer and make a great sequel to Babylon 5.
    I would also enjoy cycling solo around the world … and many more interesting and exciting things.
    Planning is fun.


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