What would you label these abilities? (Psychic or clairvoyant or ????)?





I am able to see/communicate/feel spirits & other entities, I get gut feelings about everyday things that generally tend to be more correct than not, and I get visions in dreams of messages for people. Would I be considered more a psychic or clairvoyant or something else? (I also do scary accurate tarot readings)


  1. I know we as humans want to put a label on our abilities or gifts. But don’t worry about that, just go with what you know, and work with those who are brought to you for help. 🙂

  2. That would be technically called delusions, or bullshit. However, feel free to prove me wrong, win a million buck and probably the Nobel Prize, and open up an entire new field of science. You can do it here http://www.randi.org .
    If you don’t, we’ll all know you’re just lying to get attention. That’s pretty sad.

  3. Those abilities seem be best categorized as those of a “medium”, paranormally speaking.
    But I have a question — do you physically see spirits with your eyes? Or do you “feel” them with a so-called sixth sense? How do you communicate with them? Do they speak to you audibly or do you sense their thoughts?
    If you actually see and hear them, then you really ought to try recording your conversations using videotape or audio. If you don’t actually see or hear them but “sense” them instead, I’d say you’re just fooling yourself with the power of suggestion.

  4. well the spirits would be a form of ‘channeling’ but i forget the legitimate term.
    tarot is an amazing tool if you know how to use it and i assume you do. try using this to communicate with the spirits if you haven’t already.
    deffinately not clairvoiancy becaue that is the act of having future visions

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