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What would you do is psychiatrists, and a case worker, and parents force you to take crazy meds?

What would you do if you told your younger sister, and then she runs and tells your parents that you are not taking your crazy medicine?
What is so good about m-fin crazy medicine?
It’s all garbage, and now psychiatrists are forcing people to take them
So, you tell me what would you do if you were a 24 year old adult?


  1. Sometimes people don’t realize how bad their problems really are. It seems to me that there must be some basis for you needing to take medication if your parents, a psychiatrist, and a caseworker think there is. Are all of these people wrong? If you really think they are all wrong, then get a second medical opinion.

  2. No one can force you to do anything.That is one of the good things about being a human being.You are not a puppet.Puppets have no soul.
    People force themselves because they are desperate to take away their pain.They do not have enough faith in themselves to try to find a solution to their problem for themselves and not enough will power so they allow others to do the thinking for them.
    Just because the doctor said so does not make it true.Besides.Doctors are not immune to illnesses just because they are doctors.A doctor may be mentally ill and still no one would notice it because they have a fixed image,that the society imposed on them, of what a illness is and is not which is often not true.
    If i was a 24 year old person i would try to find a better solution for myself.I would choose to think for myself and to have more faith in myself.You can do anyhting if you really want to.Start thinking with your brain and stop expecting others to do the thinking for you.Use it or loose it.

  3. Same thing is happening to me, but I’m 16 so apparently I have no say.
    The person who said that there must be an obvious problem if all these people are saying it is wrong. They put me on meds based on what my mother says. They never observed me and they only went by what she told them. My whole family knows she’s crazy, and she is making up lies. I only saw my psychiatrist twice for like 10 minutes.


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