What would you do if you woke up tomarow and had these powers?

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omniscience (see all), control of the weather, shape shifting, transformation (example; turning someone to stone), immortality, telekinetics, telepathy.
The power to see all and so forth as desired.
and may I add, the mental capacity to use it.

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Quit my job and buy some lottery tickets.
Then I would find a bunch of like minded people, buy some land, start a cult, rule the world,
Then go to Disneyland.


Honestly? I think I’d be a little freaked, because I have never had these powers before. It would take a little getting used to and a little practice before I could do ANYTHING with these. It’d be cool though…If I didn’t want to shovel the driveway, I’d make it warm, to melt the snow; I’m not sure if I want to see everything (it’s nice to be surprised, and there are things out there I DON’T wanna see); I don’t know what I would change shape into…I like being human; I’d love the transformation example…some people I’d like to turn to stone for a bit 😉 ; I don’t think I’d want to be immortal, I’d love to move things with my mind (yes, I can admit, I’m a little lazy), and It’d be nice to know what some others are thinking.
Interesing thing to think about…it’d be nice, but it’ll never happen.

Orions Nova

I’d stop watching Heros, then put an end to G.W.


if i had such abilities i wouldnt answer your question but now ,cause i dont have them i will say that if i had such abilities i would spend my time in a more beutiful place with more lovely people and yeah i’ll buy all the guitars in the world but if i couldnt pay them i will transform every one to guitar!!!!


Hopefully it would also mean having control of these powers also. Otherwise, wow, what a mess your head would be. I’m not sure about the see all one but the others I would love and try to use wisely. Probably there would be one of those not for personal gain clauses attached.


I would take over Antarctica, and then build my own underground city there.


Be wowed for two split seconds then lounge around and watch soap operas.
After watching my soaps, I will feel inspired to rule the world and possibly the universe.
Then I will go shopping.


Well, I would get used to using them I would go where no-one else goes and test them out. Then I would use them to my advantage for a bit, I would transform into a werewolf form (not zombie, I’m not THAT mean!) and scare her! I would corner her, raise my claws then go “tag you’re it!” then run away for a moment before telling her of the awesomeness! Likewise, I would fool other people I know as well but not tell people at school in broad daylight. at school I would lure my enemies in a place where no-one else is then shape shift into a terrifying monster and frighten them. Also I could turn an enemy to stone with a conscious mind for a bit, scare him, then turn him back and allow him to run away! (muahahahaha) with the see all I would check out government conspiracies. Also, once I am used to using my powers I would use them to help the government (If I want to do whatever it is they are asking). I REALLY WANT TO BE ABLE TO SHAPE SHIFT!


Well I’d use them to help people lol i know your thinking how boring. but id love to be able to just help people by using the powers stop the bad guys. Id be like Superwoman that would be so awesome!!!!!!!!


I would use my powers in secret for my own personal gain and possibly 4 others. But i would use it wisely not reckless and expose myself.


cool i wish


I would take over the universe…


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