What would you do if you were in this predicament?

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I have a friend whom I consider a ‘spiritual’ sister. In fact she is closer to me than my blood sisters .I can share problems with her, recall memories and we have prayed for each other in times of distress and at other times. She used to send me an email at least once a week and share inspirational thoughts. After I did not receive an email for a while I contacted her brother. He could not understand why we were not communicating as her internet is on.After I wrote her two poems [reminiscing]that provoked an emotional response, she answered and said she was busy working. The last time I received an email was April 14; and that was a pass along about someone who impressed the American idol judges with her song.
We have been communicating off and on for at least 25 years and she said that her mother always held me in high esteem. I was thinking of how wonderful it would be to meet and celebrate 25 years of friendship. I know times are hard and after a 12 hour shift as a nurse she is tired. My question is if our friendship has hit rock bottom. In 2006, she said that God spoke to her about me and she had to find my address. She wrote three letters. it was at a low point and the letters came just in time.Later, we began sending emails. It was a revival of friendship.I get the feeling something is wrong but I cannot discover it even though I have prayed. What would you do? Should I forget her and just move on?

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There are times in our life that you feel like swifting away from friends, even dear ones, Myself I have done it due to travel, schedules and other reasons, At the end I still remain friends with all these wonderful people and especially with my best friend. After she had her child she probably only called me or wrote twice. That was 6 months ago and we used to talk weekly an email twice a week or so. I understand she is busy and I even when I am going to a rough path myself, I am not taking offense on the fact that she is distant. I called her this week and she called back as well. It is like nothing has happened and we still continue to talk like always. I think it is always good to ask your friend if she is ok, and how much you care for her, so if she is in need of anything, or just talk, you will be there. If it is time for you to stop talking for a bit then let it be. I am sure that even if you dont talk as often as you used to, things will be the same and you will still consider each other sisters forever. think of it as a break to find new interests in life for you and her.


It sux when some one seems to emotionally check out of a relationship. She could really be super busy, or maybe its something in her marriage or life in general that is painful or embarrassing and she would like to keep it as private as possible. People react to different situation in different ways. I know you would like her to open up to you or just make an effort to reach out to you; you have to wait it out. Being pushy can only aggravate the situation (not that you were pushy but you get my drift). Prayer is the absolute best thing you can do for her. You are a good friend, dont take this distance personal. Remember, prayer changes things:)

tracey a

why would you ever forget her? just because she isn’t communicating as often as you would like, the way she works im surprised she has time for anything, just treasure her and love her and keep writing she will write when she can, why don’t you go visit?


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