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What would you do if you suspected your girlfriend was a witch?

As a Baptist pastor this is a problem for me. My girlfriend gave me a magic candle for my birthday. I’m beginning to suspect she’s a witch. I noticed that a small table at her house was covered by a black cloth with a pentagram design. She had a knife, some figure candles, oils,some sage, a few bells, some crystals, a wand, and a book called The Witches Bible laying on it.
What would you do?


  1. I’d ask her “Are you a witch?”
    In your case I’d suggest you ask her “How long have you been a witch”?

  2. Me personally, well that would be fun.
    I would get her to craft me up some cool stuff, and see what else her magic can do ;]

  3. Maybe you should investigate your girlfriends a little better before getting into a relationship with them… and that’s only the beginning.
    I don’t believe your story by the way.
    “And what do you burn besides witches?”
    (long pause)
    “More witches!!”

  4. Something tells me you’re joking…
    But, if you are serious, have you considered actually ASKING her about it instead of asking strangers?? The paraphernalia sounds about right for a Wicca practitioner.

  5. ” I noticed that a small table at her house was covered by a black cloth with a pentagram design. She had a knife, some figure candles, oils,some sage, a few bells, some crystals, a wand, and a book called The Witches Bible laying on it.”
    Wow, you’re like Sherlock Holmes. How did you see through her trickery?
    If your a Baptist pastor, you image is more important than whether you are actually a good person, so dump her. She’s better off.

  6. If she is the same person as always, what does it matter? And if she’d managed to not try and convince you that her beliefs are true, then why do that to her? Witches do not practice magic for evil– try to understand what sort of magic or practices she does do, if at all, before coming to any conclusions.

  7. Don’t worry about it. You’ll soon find out that some of her relatives are vampires. There will be a werewolf in there too.

  8. I would try to casually talk about her beliefs with her and tell her how they contrast with yours. Pray about it. If she is really a witch, I think that you shouldn’t continue dating her. She could be having some negative influences on your Christian beliefs. You can remain friends though.

  9. This decision is up to you. We cannot direct your life. If this bothers you too much, then tell her and see if she changes, If given within the allotted time frame that it still bothers you, explain to her that what she does disturbs you and you want out of the relation.

  10. You could ask her to share some of her magick or spellwork with you. Hey, you might have a new career. But if being in the company of witches is against your religion, you might have to break up with her OR lose your religion. It sounds like her whole family is involved in it, whatever it is.

  11. Hi….
    Do what your Religion does to any other religious belief structure…
    Belittle it, accuse it and then murder it!!!
    Other than that, get her to give you a good herbal remedy for your religious delusion!!

  12. If she weighs the same as a duck, she is clearly a witch, and you should burn her! Refer to Monty Python and the Holy Grail for the logic behind this reasoning!

  13. Ask if I could participate in her next ritual. I could find out more about the woman I was dating, and supposedly care about. I could learn that maybe my view of her beliefs wasn’t correct and that her beliefs are actually loving, peaceful and not about worshipping a Christian construct. I could open my mind to truth and actually embrace diversity of opinion and belief. I could support her in her choice and live a life of acceptance, tolerance and love instead of just talking about it.

  14. Maybe entertain the thought of asking her outright and any other questions or concerns you may have about her beliefs. I am a Mystic – I never discourage a good conversation about what I believe (note there are many different “kinds” of witches). You have nothing to fear of me or those who think like me – our creeds are essentially the same, but you have to entertain the conversation to gain insight not only to answer your questions about the faith, but to also better understand your own point of view. I never refrain from learning about the people around me – I only have knowledge and wisdom to gain from them whatever they believe.

  15. First off… IF you are a Baptist Pastor… you wouldn’t “suspect” your girlfriend is a witch… you would out and out KNOW it… you describe everything perfectly…but you only ‘suspect’…
    The only ‘suspect’ I have here… is that you are not who you claim to be… a pastor.
    A pastor… would
    a) recognize a witch
    b) not be unequally yoked with her
    c) not ask a question on Yahoo Answers, because you already know the answer.
    Give me a break. If you were a pastor… and your heart was in tune with Christ, you wouldn’t even need to ask a question.
    And… ending your question…
    What would you do?
    Is another give away… that you are about as fake as the witch you claim to be dating.

  16. What would I do? I’d love her just the same. I’m a Christian; my girlfriend isn’t. We’ve been together for years, and it’s a non-issue for us. I respect her right to believe as she wishes, and she respects my right to practice my beliefs, as well.

  17. If I were in your shoes, it would have not gone this far! As soon as I noticed the small table with the design of a pentagram on it, I would have asked her then.
    This may not be a big deal to her, but it sounds like you are really having trouble with the possibility of her being a witch. Talk to her. Before you jump to conclusions, talk to her, let her tell you.

  18. If you like her, what is the problem? She was sent to you to teach you something. Pay attention and don’t let fear and superstition rule your experience.

  19. i have the same ‘problem’ actually, but i’m just going to run with it for 2 reasons a) i actually think witches are pretty cool and b) she’s too cute..

  20. my boyfriend is a Jehovah’s Witness and I am a wiccan. But we dont let that come between us.. I learn a bit about his religion but its always okay if he doesn’t want to know about mine. What really matters it how much you love her and how much she loves you. And if it bothers you that much then tell her. I’m sure she’ll understand. And also it’s nothing to be feared.. Unless she’s using her power for harm then that’s definitely a nono. And try to ask about the things you seen and ask about the religion and I’m sure you’ll be surprised by what you hear.


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