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What would you do if you dad tried to make you believe in his religion?

My dad seriously thinks he can still make me do whatever he wants and he gets violently mad if I deny him. I’m 22 years old. I’m highly spiritual but I’m not stupid enough to just believe in any one religion. I search for my own truth and I live my life trying to help others and influence them in a positive way. I believe in a supreme intelligence or “god” and I pray and meditate at least once a day according to my standards. My dad will not understand what I believe in and he doesn’t even want to hear my point of view. He just thinks I’m lazy and irresponsible with a bad attitude.
Now I’m still a student and I live with my parents but this is something that’s ruining our relationship. My dad says as long as we live under his roof we have to obey his wishes so I’m really thinking that I need to move on and go live my life how I choose.
My dad still lives in the old ways and traditions where shamanism and animism is practiced. I have no problem with what he does/


  1. Honey I’ve been there and done that and I’m 16.
    I forced my dad to understand that I was an athiest and that if he didnt like it he would have to accept it. I accept his religion and he can respect my beliefs.
    You are an adult, dont let your father or mother tell you what you can and can not believe in.
    No matter what you do someone is going to suffer [if you agree to worship his way you will suffer, and if you deny him he will suffer].
    Pray to the god you believe in you enlighten your father of your ways, maybe it will work?
    Best of luck!

  2. This is really tough because when you live in his house he’s the boss. What your father never learned was that parents raise their children to think and act responsibly. You raise your children to think for themselves and to make good choices. Evidently he doesn’t think he did a good job. Maybe you can tell him that.

  3. Your dad has to understamd that he can’t control you. Ypu have you rown mind and personality. Tell him that we all have different beliefs and That is fine…..

  4. He dosen’t have the right to tell you that! You have you own life and therefore automatically cannot be his religious slave.

  5. Move!
    You are old enough to be on your own.
    Never stop researching the truth.
    You must remove yourself from your fathers influence in order to keep your respect for him. It is the mature thing to do.
    Good luck

  6. The only way is to let him say what he wants and you listen , as long as you feel comfortable with yourself. Try to avoid open confrontation with your dad. Just listen and keep quiet. Do not press youe point of view on him. Continue to do what you feel is right and concentrate on your studies. When you have finished your education you can live your own life. For now respect his views,keep an open mind,be tolerant, and keep your views to yourself. All parents wants the best for their children but they may not always be right. After all we are only human. From their point of view no matter how old we are we are still their children ,so the only solution is silence is golden.


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