Home Discussion Forum What would you do if suddenly jesus appeared in front of you?

What would you do if suddenly jesus appeared in front of you?

i would look at him and his yellow aura and be like, Nice Hat.
very, very random thought i had to share with the yahoo answers community.


  1. Jesus appears in front of every person every day. Every poor person, homeless person, illegal alien, sick person, etc. is him.
    “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me” is the quote.

  2. I would think to myself… “dam this weed is good” and start toking harder. Maybe ask him a few questions and share the reefer also.

  3. If I was driving a truck on the freeway at the time and he appeared just in front of me? I would not have time to stop and I would hit him, then I would stop and I would call 911 for an ambulance to take him to a hospital, then I would have to fill out a police report and would likely be spending a while doing that.

  4. My first thought was I would fall to my knees and touch him with the intent to remove all sin from me and my family’s life immediately. Then I thought about it, do I really want to be here when he returns? From what I have learned recently it’s going to be bad when he returns and all of his people will be lifted up. So if I am still here that might be bad.

  5. I would appologize for the masses of so-called christians that took his ideas and twisted them to be used for manipulating others and for their own gain.


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