Home Discussion Forum what would you do if someone told you they were God?

what would you do if someone told you they were God?

That they had spiritual experiences of awakening and knowledge.


  1. like most hobos who claim that, id quickly move away from them.
    My fiances brother works in a psychiatric ward and a good deal of the people there claim to be god or jesus or some other religious figure. Thats just in 1 ward, imagine how many claim this over the world, they can’t all be right, in fact none of them are thats why theyre in a mental institution!

  2. If they think they’re the one true God, I’d worry about them.
    If they think that they are a part of God, with everyone else, then I’d commend their spirituality.

  3. We are all a part of ‘God’ or ‘Spirit’ or ‘Consciousness’ etc..
    And, if the information I have (and it spreading around the globe as we speak) is true, ALL of our world’s people are going to be spiritually rocked soon.
    No, I’m not a nut case, well….. not really LOL but if you would like to know what I’m talking about (this is no money scam and no money changes hands) then reply to this message and I’d be happy to enlighten you!
    We will all know about it soon anyway, but to know in advance does have it’s good points.

  4. Not believe them, there will be many who claim but do not believe them (rough paraphrasing of what Christ told His disciples)

  5. You are god weather you realize it our not. YOU HUMAN BEING ARE AT THE TOP OF THE CHAINE. You can manipulate this world like no other being on the planet. physically, body, mind and spirit. Just like God could manipulate his surroundings. We make life and kill it all the time. We might not conseder this life worth being called a life, (microscopic organisms, bugs, plants and animals even our own kind.) You know in Buddhism awakened ones are gods. There Buddhas. Buddha’s can come back to earth. Thats wear you see munks searching for Buddha’s but you can be a Buddha if you come to a true awareness. You know Albert enistine (sorry for the grammar) has been asked why was so smart, he would say any one can be as smart as me they just need to learn how to match there brain to the right freqency.


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