Home Discussion Forum What would you call the force that brings God into consciousness?

What would you call the force that brings God into consciousness?

This is a very deep question that not many can answer but thank you for all your answers never-the-less. : )
I call it Kundalini Shakti.
Oh, we are gatting some great answers!
OOPS “getting” some great answers.


  1. I call it “Shubheccha, the desire to know God”
    It drives us to reach the things called “Sadhana”
    And fortunate people get him by various ways.
    Kundalini is the force that when awakes, needles the the all Chakra and reaches to Sasraar Chakra. But it is possible because of our Shubhechha and desireless determinations and efforts.

  2. Kundalini or Serpini or Serpent or Adi-shakti or Eternal shakti … give it any name… for me it is MOTHER !!!!
    Kundalini’s first breath is the universe… and then she drowns into the black dungeons of Tamo guna….
    her first awakening is in chemicals… who become activated and then she awakens to being conscious…as single cells and then multi cells organisms
    The Evolution in the universe is in fact Evolution of this energy..hence she is also called Evolutionary energy !!!
    She has brought us to human beings… and with further awakening she will bring a god out of us…
    Finally she will manifest a Shiva out of us.. and then she will dance Shiva… and will merge into Shiva

  3. Hi pal, this question is beyond my scope of knowledge, yet I will try to answer.
    They say that Awareness(Sat-Chit-Ananda) became individualistic consciousness because it has willed so. This will is sometimes called as Shakti, Divine mother, Kundalini, all are one and the same.

  4. energy- we all have it, we direct it as we choice. If we chose to direct our energy to the knowing that all is God, all is good, all is a gift, we can trust no matter what is taking place that it is perfect whole & complete. Some walk around never connecting with this but it is their choice. Some even believe in really negative thoughts such as their being a devil. They see things that are negative. The see the death of a child as a horrible thing instead of trusting in something beautiful that is caring for this soul, caring for this soul’s loved ones. I look at this because I have experienced it that my son did what he was supposed to do & now I am supposed to be doing whatever it is that I am here for now. I know he is perfectly well. I know that I am perfectly well. I love for each others has not changed. This is my choice. I have had people such as my mother-in-law tell me horrible things that make me wrong about my beliefs. I just told her that she has her beliefs & I have mine. I also choice to think she is an ass-hole to tell any mother she will never see her child again. I chose to bring God to my consciousness. It is called my will? I know it is because it works for me & so I make it a point to do this rather than the alternative.

  5. Emptiness, The Void, Tathata, Nirvana, Mindfulness, The Holy Spirit.
    They are all just words used to name that which we cannot fully express using language.
    Thanks for your great question!

  6. In my case, it’s just Grace.
    I have never deserved the instances where God reached out to me. I may have been a good person, but not a saint.

  7. The force that brings “GOD” into consciousness , … on Earth, is GRAVITY.
    It is a force that is pulling BACK the formidable broad, wide, ever expanding energy created by “GOD” when God became TWO.
    A bit like a rubber band. From a neutral state, one can expand a rubber band and thereby create two opposing forces, one ever expanding, and one ever contracting.
    The ever contracting force, or the pulling BACK energy, is the reverse of the expanding force.
    It is thriving to meet with the ONE state, or ZERO state again, that one of infinite Peace and stability, the primal state where all opposites are reconciled, and where the ZERO contains all the un-manifested potentials.
    This DUALITY is manifested on Earth because of GRAVITY.
    It is “GOD” consciousness on Earth.
    GRAVITY is like a decibel.
    Yes, a sound.
    A level in sound.
    A restrictive vibratory frequency.
    This vibratory frequency is similar to a wall.
    Anything that is pulled back into that very decibel, becomes “solid matter” as we know it.
    We are conscious of it, because we are lodged on that same decibel ourselves.
    GRAVITY, is a reverse and opposing phenomena.
    A contrary force.
    Contracting versus opposing
    Involutive versus evolutive.
    We grow and we age and we die. On that decibel.
    “La pierre est une musique gelée” said Pythagoras.
    “Le toucher est un son palpable” said Steiner.
    Take care.
    You may want to visit :
    and read the Article called,
    “An opposite Dream …”

  8. It is the Goddess…
    She is the Mother who gives us Life…
    It is from her that Love pours forth into Us….
    Her Love within us gives a Godlike quality that brings us to Consciousness of God….
    The Earth…Mother Earth…our Home and our Mother is the Physical Essence of the Goddess…..In the Beauty and Organization of Nature we see The God…..and He takes it from there with Light and Strength and Power and Creative Initiative…..and Love….which brings us full circle back to the Goddess…..
    (((((Kali)))))…….a hug for You….a symbol of the embracing nature of the God and Goddess Union that is the Circle of Life as it embraces us in Life…

  9. She has millions and millions of names in the world
    diffrient culture calls her diffriently
    But I have come to know her as Shakti
    Shiva is nothing without Shakti


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