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What would you call someone who doesnt belive in god but believes in astrology?

i find no sense in religion but i find so much truth in the zodiac, so is my religion astrology? or something or am i an atheist that belives in astrology? the only thing that cant be proven that i belive in is astrology so what am i?


  1. You’re an atheist who believes in astrology. Most atheists don’t believe in astrology, but you happen to believe in it. Astrology isn’t a religion, it’s more of a hobby, practice, or belief.

  2. Hey why are you making everything so confusing my friend??? Let me clear your complications… God is no religion.. God is rather our own selves…Those who focus their innerselves meet God and those who try to find God somewhere outside meets confusion… Our sole duty is to become a better human being day by day…
    Astrology is the science of stars…The planetary positions at the time of one’s birth determines his/her horoscope.. Thats astrology… but, sorry my friend its not any religion…. Religion is a belief and nothing else.
    Since you are so much interested in astrology let me provide you with this link..


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