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what would you call someone who could feel positive and negative energies by being next to an individual.?

No stupid or rude statements of any sort.
I don’t know if others are the same as me but I’m
very in-tune with it. Is it normal or something else?


  1. this is an often mistaken “gift” you are niether an aura reader not a phycic (cant remeber how to spell that) you are an unbelieveably good reader of body language you without knowing it notice the smallest things and it is a “gift” and it would be a shame to leave it to waste. please read a good book on it may i racoment “people watching” by desmond morris
    good luck

  2. It is called Transmission of Spiritual Energy by the Master to the disciple.
    It is a highly spiritual subject. The vibration of cosmic energy (or infinite energy) by a noble person spreads far and wide. It purifies the whole atmosphere.
    Only a disciplined and obedient student can receive such benefit. Others cannot.

  3. It’s not a Medium or Charisma. You’re an empathic like myself, it can be confusing and overwhelming at times but the more you work on controlling it the better you can help others. It’s a blessing and a curse lol if you really wanna test yourself go to an AA meeting something random immediately you’ll be bombarded with urges and feelings that aren’t your own. Of course this could vary depending on how empathic you are.
    If you need help or want some more advice feel free to e-mail me.


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