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What would you ask a clairvoyant / medium about your life and future?

Eg. travel, love, children, what your role is in this life, your best qualities, medical conditions, guardian angel. etc.


  1. i’ve been thinking about going to one, and all i’d want to know is if my mother is happy, if my friend was happy, and if her baby was safe.
    my mother and my friend both killed themselves, mom a year ago wednesday, my friend 2 years today, and her baby went missing 2 years and a weekish ago.
    i just want closure.

  2. I would ask a clairvoyant/medium nothing, because they are all scams to make money. Not once, not ever, has a clairvoyant or a medium been able to prove their ability to an objective, scientific panel.
    Its horoscopes, but with a fee!

  3. Nothing. Life is what we make it. I can choose to travel, or not. I can make healthy choices, or not. I already know I have a child. I already love and know I am loved. I already know myself very well and know my strengths and weaknesses.
    So I don’t need to consult someone who knows absolutely nothing about me, and I’m not gullible enough to believe anything they might make up on the spot.

  4. nothing…just me…i choose to enjoy life as it unfolds.good,bad,or otherwise.it strengthens my character to experience the life[the gift] i’ve been given.

  5. No, I have my own cards, crystals, etc. I was born with the veil lifted, don’t look over my left shoulder or it will frighten you very much.


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