What would u ask the crystal ball?!?

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if i had a crystal ball and u could ask anything in the world and give the straight right answer what would u ask????
i would ask if there was really an after life…

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Jack Me OFf


NNSD (2) Even Naughtier than b4

why birthday girl’s questions are so lame


what are next week’s winning lottery numbers?

Seeking out something

Well, I would ask for the winning lottery numbers on the next mega millions jackpot.
I already know that there is life after death.
Atoms that make up our bodies don’t die.
They carry on as something else. Therefore, a person never really dies. I love science.


Will I get free doritoes tonight?

suzanne/roses are pretty

i think i would ask if i had a past life and what was it like.


why am i talking to a ball?

Miss Bonnie Parker

How DO they get the caramel in the Caramilk bar?


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