Home Discussion Forum What would the universe be like without consciousness to interpret it?

What would the universe be like without consciousness to interpret it?

How would things be different?!


  1. God has a Consciousness. So it would be like after the second coming. Earth would no longer exist accept perhaps as a barren rock devoid of all life, much like Mars.

  2. Quantum Theory says it would not exists at all. Consciousness is required to collapse the wave function and define reality. Its described in the Schrodinger Cat Thought Experiment.
    The cat is both alive and dead until a human looks inside the box and collapses the wave function. With no one to look, only probability remains.

  3. if we were all to suddenly be “without consciousness” the universe would be fine. it was doing fine without us and it seems to be doing fine with us.

  4. You ever seen the Matrix? A lot of people reduce it to just pop entertainment but the point of all the movies is really your question. The answers are rooted in many different philosophies like that book Simulacra and Simulation and even Plato’s Republic. I found a website that has articles discussing this very subject. You can check it out if you want. It’s my source.

  5. Without an observer, quantum physicists have theorized that single molecules that should only be in one place exist everywhere because there are endless potential locations it could be. This simple concept leads me to believe that the existence of life forms is inevitable and consciousness as well. I say this because matter can exist everywhere without a conscious observer, but once a conscious being is there to observe the molecules they can only be in one place.
    Imagining the universe without conscious beings is like thinking about everything being everywhere until consciousness emerges. This universe would be young and in the process of arranging matter in such a way as to create a world where life can flourish and give birth to consciousness. It is difficult to imagine a universe of infinite possiblities where time does not exist.

  6. more “natural”
    no conscious beings to screw it up
    basically the same just without anyone to interpret it or alter it
    just because were not there doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist
    just like if we lived our life without seeing rain and could’nt interpret it…when it rained it would still be raining we just would’nt know.and wouldnt have labels for it


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