What would the results during and after meditation? And what do you get out of it?

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I’m a pretty stressed out fellow and I heard that meditation can help. I would like to know what can be the result of meditation during and after the session. I tryed it once for 5 minutes with the breathe in for 3 counts and out for 6 and my head started feeling light, is this an expected outcome? Also if you could please explain the diffrent types of meditation and what you get out of each?
Thank you all for you help!

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Meditiation does help quite a bit with stress.
You don’t have to follow a breathing pattern,
Just find a quiet, relaxing place, and clear your mind.
Candles help as well.
Also, you should maintain positive, compassionate feelings.

Adalberto Alexandre

Only control your breathe is not sufficient or complete to reach all the benefits of meditation.
The best way includes some physical exercises, like Brain Gym techniques.


There’s no right or wrong way to meditate. Find that “happy place” inside yourself. My “happy place” is at the kitchen table every morning after 10 minutes of easy stretching. I wake up about 30 minutes before everyone so I use that calm to meditate. Sit at the table…take a look outside and find the horizon(I live in the NC country with fields and beautiful views. My backyard is a mountain!…lol) I bring to mind what I call my “favorite memory” and I relive it every single morning. I think of nothing else. When I’ve relived it…I feel peace. Throughout the day if I’m having a hard time I think of things that bring me peace. At night when I check on my sleeping children I feel that peace again and I’m able to sleep soundly. Sounds kind of warped now that I’ve typed it but that’s my way of doing things. I hope you find your “happy place” too! Good Luck!!!!!

YA Junkie

There are probably hundreds of different types of meditation. There are about 6 billion people on the planet, so we are fortunate that there are many different forms of meditation.
People who are very visual might do best by visualizing a very peaceful place, like the ocean or the forest. They can also visualize people who have traits they would like to develop.
Mantras or other forms of meditations using sound are helpful for people who frequently have internal monologues. The mantras can quiet down a restless mind.
People who are more body oriented can pay attention to their own body sensations or they can follow their breath. Your counting to 3 while inhaling and to 6 while exhaling may or may not be the best method for you. Unless you have a qualified instructor, I suggest exerimenting with how long to inhale and exhale.
When one has been meditating for a while, you generally feel very relaxed during the meditation and afterwards. Feeling light-headed is fairly common, but this feeling should go away with more experience.
Remember to start with short periods of meditation and gradually meditate a little longer only when you feel you are ready to do so.


One may go to this Web Site,given below:-.
http://www.atmajyoti.org/hi_gita_commentary_44.asp – 40k
On the left hand side the word Meditation is given-double click-read the article-it may be useful.


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