What would the KNIGHT OF SWORDS tarot card mean in terms of physical appearance?

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It all depends on ninterpetation, everyone does it different. So what does it mean to you?


I can’t tell you the physical appearance, because I don’t ascribe to the belief that Swords are redheads or Wands are blondes or anything of that nature. There are those who do of course, and I am not denigrating their beliefs. Just I don’t think any court card represents a particular physical aspect.
What I do believe is that the Knight of Swords is a crazy person. Not crazy in a bad way (mostly). Just they are the sort of people that act first and think about it later. Very much the epitome of fools rushing in where angels fear to tread. Think of someone screaming “charge”, and you have the Knight of Swords. The Knight of Swords would describe pretty much anyone that is into extreme sports. Little bit nuts!


Swords are dark or black haired and while they can be fair skinned they usually aren’t. A Knave is a boy or youth. A Knight is a man in his prime, and a King is an older man. So if it is supposed to represent a young man or youth then it will be a strong or powerful one.


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