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What would the Buddha think? (Buddhists only please respond)?

I am rather perplexed by the number of advertisements found in Buddhist publications hawking their wares: malas of sundry materials–one suitable for this mantra while another is to be used for another; various supplies for one’s personal lhakang; special meditation robes; various zafus and zebutons; meditation benches; special timers that signal the end of personal meditation times; Buddhist jewelry; etc. many which are sold at a premium price. It would appear to one new to Buddhism that these are essential to one’s practice. Is Buddhism in the West becoming a business contrary to the simplicity of the Dhamma? Does Western Buddhism need its own Reformation?

May all be at peace.

Harry: The Reformation was initiated by Martin Luther in the 1500s. It was his 95 propositions (or theses) nailed to the church door in response to Roman Catholicism’s abuses that initiated the Protestant Reformation and significantly changed both religion and politics in Europe.
Shrill Alarmist: No pride is intended in my moniker of “I’m only a bug” ; just used to re-enforce the insignificance of “self.” Anyway, if I am reborn as a bug at least *that* samsaric existence is destined to be short-lived. Watch out where you step (LOL).