Home Discussion Forum What would Socrates have to say about Piracy?

What would Socrates have to say about Piracy?

According to Socrates, We should ‘Obey the state as we would our parents.’ If Socrates were to be around today, what would he have to say about piracy. Is it immoral? Most importantly, why would he consider this to be immoral?
Many thanks to those who contribute an answer.
This is for an Ethics 215 class.


  1. Well pirates generally act outside of the state and may even harm the state, so I don’t think Socrates would approve of them. In Crito he tells his friend that if he were to break the laws (by escaping Athens) he would be dishonouring the polis in a very fundamental way: the state raises you so if you turn against it (by being a pirate, for example) it’s like stealing from your parents.

  2. He would say, “Hey you pirates, before you take my ship, first enjoy a nice cup of Hemlock.” “It’s my treat.”

  3. Socrates would have agreed then stepped behind the scenes to hear and to see the nature of things as they are. He would have seen these events through the tetras and geodesic. He would have held each state to a standard.If a state became a pirate to the people and the people reflected back to the state this message and the state took revenge upon the people for telling in this manor then the state is at fault for teaching the people of immoral ways.


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