what would people who believe in darwins theories say about natural altered states of consciousness??

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do they believe it possible to achieve these natural states and highs and how would they explain what is happening when people become so deep in meditation that they experience enlightened states? Is the next step in the evolution of humanity one of spiritual growth?

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It makes perfect sense that a physical evolution would be accompanied by a mental/spiritual evolution.


Absolutely! It all depends on how good and strong the weed is


What does evolution (which really isn’t JUST a theory anymore, genetics would not of been possible if evolution was wrong!!) have to do with meditation? Personally I do believe that some quite interesting things can be accomplished by entering altered states of consciousness. As for being the NEXT step of evolution, to say that you’d have to prove that no other creature has ever been able to do it. Which we can’t. Personally I think things like this are were the next most interesting discoveries are to be made. Not just meditation but also many of the other phenomena that cannot be explained at the moment.


Darwin described the evolution of form. What you are describing is related to the evolution of consciousness.
Yes, we are all evolving spiritually, some slowly, some at a more rapid pace. As a whole humanity keeps pushing the snooze button. We really need to wake up but don’t want to. The next step is called by some, the Kingdom of God.

robert M

by altered state of condciousness you mean LSD right?


you aren’t “evolved” when you are high, you are not in an “enlightened state”.
You are killing brain cells which justly causes your brain to not work properly so things will “make sense” when really and truly they make no sense.
The only reason you think they do is because your brain is going haywire.
There’s nothing “spiritual” about it.


Definitely, there is no other direction to evolve into….. other than to become extremelly efficient robatoids and who wants that?
Well, maybe the NWO heads want that for the rest of us but hey! we are Galactic beings. Lets evolve consciously by extending our Spiritual awareness. Why not? After all, we’ve invested enough energy and bloodshed into defending religious beliefs about spirituality. Why not go the whole hog and discover for ourselves what it’s really about and embrace the transformation that entails and results in?
I like your question.

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