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What would Jesus say about astral projection & connecting with our human spirituality ?

Why would it be considerd just witchcraft, some people do it without even trying or realizing what their doing ? Your not worshiping another god or denying god ? WHY would it be wrong ??


  1. He would correctly identify astral projection with witchcraft and sternly warn you to avoid it. Then He’d give you a big smile and tell you how His dad has much better things in store for you.

  2. Since astral projection is connected with Occultism and witchcraft, Jesus was against such.
    Jesus said there is one way to God: “perfection.”
    That or innocence.

  3. Jesus turned water into wine..
    walked on water..
    enter houses with doors closed
    to appear disappear
    to transfigurate..
    Learn from Him..and take it from Him..i bet you don’t know he did all that.
    edit: those practitioners, it’s because they were doing it wrong…
    God gives gifts to humanbeings, extra abilities….super powers if you may… see the Bible (the story of Elijah, Elisha, Moses, Apostle Paul..etc).. there’s a right way of doing it…and there’s the wrong way of getting it… spiritually speaking.
    When it is wrong, it IS of course sin.
    God knows far better than anyone what is right and what is wrong.

  4. I think he would recommend resurrection.
    Wait–hold the phone–I think he actually DID recommend resurrection!

  5. Most of the quotes attributed to him are equivocal and contrived to influence as politicians do when avoiding a questions while self aggrandizing or supporting a favored platform . I suspect if he were real today he would use the same devices .

  6. I am sure Jesus would not mind it. Certain christians seem to be afraid of it, although there is nothing bad about it at all. It is simply the conscious separation from the body, which can happen spontaneously or with forethought. Astral projection can help us to understand our own spiritual nature.

  7. According to the Nag Hammadi library he supports it whole heartily. According to Orthodox Christianity, no *shrug* go figure

  8. JESUS is the way the word and the truth!!!
    But of course that doesn’t mean that his writings can’t be taken into consideration as a philisophical basis

  9. Astral projection is not wrong. I believe that the “Real”Jesus would approve of this. The Jesus which Christians made up doesn’t approve of anything spiritual.
    Astral projection has nothing to do with witchcraft or anything occult-ish. Astral projection/traveling is spiritual. Anyone from any religion can do it.
    The Bible wasn’t meant to be literal.

  10. About a week ago (after nearly a quarter of a century of projecting) I met someone that seemed to be Him out there for the first time. He didn’t mind. Just to pick a detail at random, he was in pale robes like I’d always imagined, but the smart modernity of the fabric surprised me.


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