What would it take to raise everyone's consciousness to have peace and love in this world of ours.?

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Our world is fighting, we’re polluting this beautiful world. Our water is poluted. Our children are confused and angry. Many unwed mothers who don’t want their child. Children killing children and family members. How can we collectively, make a difference to, shift the world and the people that inherit it’s consciousness to a higher one of understanding and of love and caring. Where did all this mess come from. It’s time to start a new world and start it with love. Everything must be started from love but how do we begin?

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nukem nate

World War Three would be a good place to start.

Carlos M. Fabara

Dear dbish616@sbcglobal.net:
I like your question. It is a question I have thought about all my life since I was a teenager. I am completing my masters in political science to understand that question better, and try to answer it. Last term we learned that there is the idealistic way of looking at the world and the realistic way. Idealists, like you and I, think about how the world should be, whereas the realists see the world as it is and act accordingly.
There’s more to this question, but this may be a good start of a thread.


It is not in the human make up. Never happen anyone that thinks it can lives in la la land.


unwed mothers who don’t want their child ,,, do the unwed or wed to another woman men want their unborn,,, as if women get pregnant from the water,,, when will men take responsibility for their embryos, for their sperm,,,, 60% of fathers do not even see their children,,, must women have to make all the decisions, take all the responsibility,,, it takes two,, a male and a female to create an embryo,,,, when will MEN start to take responsibility for their sperm


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