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What would it take a perfect body and put an end to reincarnation?

How old are you and how old is your body?


  1. To most people I would be 52 but really I am beyond the time bound, I am ageless. I incarnate into all things at all times, this myself is my enlightenment. : )

  2. My body is 29.
    I do not have an age; for how can you put an age to something that will not end. The end is at the beginning. The beginning is at the end.

  3. Did you know that reincarnation used to be in the Christian teaching? But it was VOTED out? I did say, VOTED. And I think the vote was held by humans, not angels, or any other Divine, higher than humans, creature.
    As to how old is the body vs the internal …. psychologist have verified that most people image of themselves stops as a certain age, mine is in my early 20’s, my body is now in the early, almost mid 30’s.
    all the best!

  4. The energy that makes up my cells is as old as the universe.
    Sometimes I feel that old, though I’m really only 44.
    Not sure I understand your reincarnation question…

  5. mmmm this is much a tricky question, I don`t believe, personally, we come back to earth as a fire fly or a crane fly, or eincarnation of that nature. I do how ever believe in spiritual reincarnation, when our body dies our spirit re enters the spirit world and to a certain degree we decide to return to the physical in order to complete our understanding. The only body that can attain perfection and halt this return is our spiritual one. Once we have a copmplete understanding we will know what it is to be all things. We know what it will be to be a fire fly or a rainbow or a raindrop and only then will we return to the entity that is all. My body is an old 38 but my spirit still has much to learn. I`d like to learn it all now and save me from coming back lol
    patience, I have little

  6. When all the Karmas are exhausted, then cycle of birth and death will end. Karma acts like a propeller, which moves us from one body to another. Each time we incarnate we get – type of body, duration (age) and experiences (good and bad).
    This material body is 44 years old. From scriptures and inference, one can know that one is eternal – with no beginning and no end.


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