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What would happen to vegan and vegetarianism if plants gradually started developing consciousness?


  1. well if they do decide not to eat that stuff im pretty sure there will be a period of time where they either would have to suck it up and eat or die of starvation, at least till they come up with a man made food

  2. How do you know that plants aren’t concious? (Just kidding).
    Probably the plants would object, if they were concious, assuming they could speak
    If your carrot complained when you bit into it, just like your little brother would, you probably would think it over, before doing it again.
    Bottom line, people have to eat something. Check out “Soylent Green”

  3. As a vegetarian for health and environment and social reasons I can say that it would not change much for me. I already now am pretty sure that all life forms have some sort of consciousness and most can feel pain in this or that way. Already Albert Schweitzer saw this moral dilemma and concluded that being a vegetarian is SILL the least harm causing possibility (since meat eaters eat meat AND plants and vegetarians ONLY plants).
    But I suppose that some people would probably stop eating if plants would cry and beg for mercy. Maybe we would THEN start seriously researching replicators (like in Star Trek) to make food out of sheer energy matter 🙂

  4. *headdesk*
    And just what do you think the animals who are raised for food eat, missy? Eating meat kills far more plants than just eating the plants. So vegans would STILL cause less suffering than you omnivores obsessed with how the plants feel.

  5. god this hypothetical questions get crazier everyday. Well lets wait until the plants talk and will see ok? i really don’t get the point on this questions.


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