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What would happen to my body and mind if I did Yoga, Tai Chi and a Martial Art?

If I were to do all of these then how will I feel? Would I get into shape also with exercise?


  1. u will feel happier because exercise releases “happy” chemicals from your brain. You will also feel better about yourself because u will be more lean and fit.

  2. Ive been taking Martial Arts for almost a year and a half now and I found even when I first began, I felt so much lighter and happier mentially. Its a great work out, a great self – esteem booster and its just always such a good feeling. Its fun, its affordable.. and theres classes everywhere, just look around! hope you enjoy!

  3. You mind will feel more calm when you practice Martial Arts, because Tai Chi makes your body and mind stronger.
    Same applies with Yoga.
    You are combining soft and hard techniques, so will the benefits of both. You will feel great. I have been practicing all three at the same time before.
    I hope you have found a real good Tai Chi teacher. Many people don’t know that Tai Chi is a self defense. It’s practiced slowly, but can be applied fast, as a pure self defense. Try to find a good Tai Chi master, who can teach you the Tai Chi pushing hands, which is practiced with another person


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