What would happen to a half-robot, half-human cyborg when bit by a zombie?

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Would it lose all reasoning skills, or would the cyborg part of the brain maintain a sense of higher consciousness?
Would brains compute to be most delicious?

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Levi Bachelor

Case-in-point: Mike Shanahan.

Joe S

You’d have a hybrid zombclone. Just shoot it in the head, and move on.

Atomic Duck

It would become a mindless heap, doing nothing but consuming electricity before going on to search for more energy to consume. It’s mind would be blank and as a computer it would not be very good for much of anything. It would become an iPad.
My advice, just shoot it in the processor. The world will be better off for their being on less iPad, and the iPad will be better off because even it doesn’t want to live in its condition.


Hahahaha then the zombie would transmit a genetic virus to the human part but not an electronic virus. The cyborg should install himself with norton just in case


It would become a half zombie. With the need to feed and the intelligence to set traps for human prey.


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