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What would happen if you showed an anorexic a pic of their body with their heads blacked out?

If they didn’t realise it was their body would they think the person (them) looked like an ideal weight or would they still think it’s fat?


  1. This is a really interesting question.I believe that they wouldn’t know that it’s them.But,I don’t think that they’ll think the person is fat.I’ve heard anorexics say that when they look at there self they see fat at different places.But,it’s also a numbers issue.

  2. i think it would depend on the individual.
    normally anorexics have a goal weight or an idea of what they want to look like long term. i would say that since someone with anorexia is underweight, when they see the picture they would probably think its a good weight but they may think they themselves would like to be skinnier than the picture.
    anorexics tend to only see fat on themselves, not others. they are their harshest critic.

  3. Since anorexic sufferers are obsessed with their body, wouldn’t you think they’ve known every square inch of it. I agree, this is a very good question. I guess it depends on the person. If you have a loved one like this, you should try it…maybe even crop the persons head off.


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