What would happen if the core of our earth lost energy?

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Quite possibly the earth would slowly deteriorate and then collapse all together leaving nothing more than ruble and the earth will have to reform again…


We wouldn’t have to worry about it!


This is indeed an interesting question. I am no expert, but I can give you a guesstimate.
If our earths core lost it energy, all life as we know it would perish. Only if the present life could find a way to adapt to a non-energy force would life survive.
I am interested to know what others think about this

Frank N

All seismic activity would cease. No more geysers, thermal vents, or geothermal power stations. No more earthquakes, continental drift, plate tectonics. The most obvious harmful effect would be loss of the earth’s magnetosphere, subjecting earth to the intense and harmful solar winds. Global warming would change from a mostly political argument about something that might be happening, to an intense wish that it would happen.
That’s if the earth’s core were at the same temperature as the crust. Actually it has been losing energy (cooling) for nearly its entire history.


watch the movie “the core” it will answer your question completely

Dan Peirce

The earth’s core does lose energy but the rate is slow compared the the energy that is there.
What would happen if the core started to loose energy at a faster rate. Any mechanism that could significantly increase the rate that the core is loosing energy would be probably have to be rather dramatic and destructive. For example increased volcanic activity would increase the rate of loss of energy. A dramatic increase in the volcanic activity would be a disaster.
The crust of the earth is an insulator. If the crust were a good heat conductor the temperature at the surface would be closer to the temperature of the mantle. A hotter surface would result in more heat radiated away which would cause the surface and the mantle to cool faster than they do now. This would also cool the core faster. There is nothing is going to change the crust into a better conductor of heat.


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