What would happen if Jesus was burned at the stake like a witch during the witch trials? Would he burn or save?

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himself to prove he wasn’t a witch?
You know, Jesus did magic like trick so the peoples may have suspected he was a witch.

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It was his mission to die in our place. If burning had been the death choice of the Romans, he would have burned.


He wouldn’t of been the Christ as prophesied in Scripture. He would of been a liar or a lunatic or both. But He wasn’t, He truly is the Living Son of God.

Silly dreamer

He would rise with burn marks all over his body


God is in control. Like so many times the people wanted to kill Him. The descendants of Abraham to say the least. But God would not let that happen. It has to happen on the cross. It must be through the blood of His begotten Son that you and me shall be saved. Did you know that Satan tried to kill him in the calvary while He was carrying the cross? Because the moment Jesus die on the cross, God and His people will be reconciled.


maybe he would have rose from the ashes like the phoenix,
instead of rising from the dead like mithris.

Hell Kitty--returned from Hell!

Christians will wear little lighters instead of crosses


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