What would happen if an incubus and a succubus had intercourse on a bus in Columbus?

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what would happen if an incubus and a succubus had buttsecks on a bus in columbus?
-possible offspring, diseases, responses, events. Use your knowledge power!

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The Odd Man

This should be in the religion section.

Guma Kawauso

You’d have a triple-decker bus

The Tater

a columbian demon drug dealer

Nightwolf Vardøger ➤➤➤

when you have a real question to ask because you do not make any sense at all in learn how to spell that mite help you all so
Nightwolf ➤➤➤➤


you’d have a insucbutbuscolus ?
bad social skills but genius at blackjack,would also be an excellent driver.

Angel M

I agree with the odd man…I dare you to ask this in the religious section LOL


Well first of all everyone else on the bus would freak the fuck out!
As for offspring…well it would either be an incubus or a succubus seeing as how both are of the same species incubus is just what you would call a male night demon aka vampire and succubus a female.
Of course if their having buttsex then they might not have a kid unless you mean doggy style and the incubus aims differently than I originally thought.
diseases? well how bout STDs. I mean you never know what you might get if you decide to fuck some random incubus/succubus on a bus.
I’m not quite sure what you mean by events…. perhaps they create the Antichrist?


a incubusucubus would have have wild sex all night in then bam you would be born in this world one ugly butthead you need to learn some grammer what grade are you in 2nd grade are what ♣♥asia♥♣


We’d miss the bus.


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