What would each Mathematics and Statistics be condemned in medieval times as Magick and Heresy?





Some will think this too simple and others impossible to answer.
Hint: Athen’s merchant shippers.
There is a very simple answer. Both can predict the future. There is also a very good but complicated answer.


  1. Most likely because the heliocentric world view went against the geocentric mind set of the Church. It firmly believed the Aristotelian view, which put humanity at the center of the cosmos, and was integral to man’s relation to God.
    The first person known to present a heliocentric “universe” was Aristarchus of Samos, a Greek astronomer and mathematician, who lived around 300BCE. He is little known to us because most of his work has been lost. It should be noted that Aristarchus was condemned for his work and even faced the death penalty after being charged with impiety.
    We now have in our possession the mysterious Antikythera Mechanism, an ancient computer like device, found it a wrecked cargo ship of antiquity. It may be based on a type of heliocentric model and was built shortly after the time of Aristarchus. Such a device would be exceedingly helpful in maritime operations, at which the Greeks excelled. The ancients may have been far more advanced than was previously thought and history books may need to be rewritten, yet again.
    Copernicus would present his heliocentric model much later, and then only shortly before his death, as he feared reprisals from the oppressive Church.

  2. well, mathematics flourished in the middle ages but statistics was not discovered till later, so a bit hard to tell. some scientists in the late 19th century (especially mach of mach-1 fame) did consider statistics something like magic and refused to accept that some physical phenomena are fundamentally statistical (movement of gas molecules).

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