Home Discussion Forum What would Confucius say if he lived in our age ?

What would Confucius say if he lived in our age ?

Will he be laid to have a way? Wont his ideas ,rather educative, be accepted as old-fashioned ?
Well tag23 your wont be the best answer . 🙂


  1. He would have more to say than he could write down in a(nother) lifetime.
    Considering how much China’s urban regions have changed over the years since he was alive, both socially and philosophically, he would find it very difficult to adjust to the contemporary way of life in China’s massive cities. Here most his ideas will probably be considered old-fashioned.
    The rural areas of China have changed less though, and if he were to visit these he would probably encounter a lot of the old rituals – the ‘li’ – that people valued in his day. I don’t think his ideas will fall out of place in the rural areas.
    The respect for one’s elders for example is still a very large part of most Chinese people’s lives.
    His vision of the ‘chun tzu’ – the person representing humanity at its best – will probably be as difficult to find nowadays as it was before, or perhaps even harder as the tentacles of capitalism slowly creep up on Chinese soil.


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