What would Confucious, Lao Tzu or Machiavelli think of what the US has come to in the last decade?

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Nothing, they are dead and not relevant

Nick f

Confucious would be too inscrutable to care.
Lao Tzu Is too busy being the Am of I (Alone one all etc)
But hell….Machiavelli would think he had died and gone to heaven.

All American Dude

They would be proud to see that after sinking to an all time low as a country, (the Bush years) we have learned our lesson and elected a real leader with the wisdom to guide us back onto the path of prosperity.


Who cares? what difference would it make anyway they had no influence on our country when they were alive.

Ghost of Tom Joad

Confucius would point out how their is disharmony where people know not their proper place in the universe. Lao Tzu would state that our problems is the result of using our resources to make weapons of war instead of living in harmony with nature.
Machiavelli would ask when Obama is going to gather all his enemies together and eliminate them in one fell swoop. He would also question our reliance on mercenaries in the military, who by nature are unreliable.


Living for the adoration of others is a wasted life, any of these fellas would tell you that.
Nothing is stopping you from being what you want to be, in the life you want to live.
“Fame is an empty purse, count it – go broke, eat it – go hungry, seek it – go mad.”


Confucius say the law of reciprocation works at all times.
That is also known as the Golden Rule to some.
The worse people treat each other, the worse they get treated.


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