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What would cause someone to have an enormous aura?

To the point of making everybody around you feel uncomfortable, as if their personal space is being invaded. And how would you fix it?


  1. Not to worry. There is no credible evidence for auras even existing, so it is much more likely that the one with the supposed offending aura has a physical characteristic or mannerism that is actually causing the offense. Another likely explanation is that those who feel that they are sensing the offending aura are already predisposed to disliking this individual and the power of suggestion is responsible for making them feel as if it is the offending person’s aura.

  2. Don’t stroke the ego so much?
    Actually, if I understand the question…it sounds as if it is being somewhat ‘projected’ and it’s not so much the size of the aura but what’s “in” the aura that would make people feel uncomfortable.
    If you want to send me some more information I might be able to suggest a couple of things if I had a bit more detail — the reasoning is that not all answers will work for one person.
    Perhaps in this case it is someone being too cocky or maybe they’ve experienced too much pain in the past so they put out a huge aura to ‘protect’ themselves…those types of things have different possible solutions.

  3. Well, I work with this one chick who has the world’s biggest nose. That’s got to increase her aura somehow, especially when she sneezes.

  4. okay well probably an invocation of immense amounts of feeling…..but perhaps it’s not your aura so much as your general sensitivity to other people? I’m not entirely sure what you would do to return it to normal but it’s a subject I’d like to know more about 🙂 sorries I can’t help much w/ this one =(

  5. If there are any females reading this, I’d like you to know that I have an absolutely ENORMOUS aura.
    For a toad, that is.

  6. This isn’t my field of study but i have heard talk so i will go with that. The aura is a mild energy field that encircles your being. I have heard it said that when you are in tune with other energy levels which match your own they can blend with your own making yours distorted or seem larger. Some have said they can feed off this energy but I do not know what they mean by that. Like I said this is not something I have spent time on studying. As for how to fix it I can not say but i would think that if the case is others feel uneasy around you then you need to brush up on your people skills to off set the enormous aura.

  7. sounds like the carmetic field is up an running pretty strongly.I can clear a pathway the size of a football field or run someone off just by my Carma’s attitude and energy that I project if I want too.Its not always the best thing to use in a situation when making friends.I’m also known for being one of the most fun and loving people around, and that also is a aura thing……emotions and situations change energy which you are calling “Aura”.Aura is the colors that some people see around you,and if someones having problems with these fields ,I’m pretty sure its Carma……something that isn’t spoken,or discussed can come out of a person like raw sewage,and back everyone off,rather intended or not.A trusted friend or even a journal can help…..but not dealing with whatever it is,is only gonna keep backing others away……good luck…………….blessed be

  8. high levels of energy probably. if they’re one of those people that give off a “bad vibe” then i think it’s just the way they are. perhaps it’s a reflection of their personality which on they can do anything about.


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