What would Buddha think of the world today?

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How would he feel in terms of emotion, with all the crime, war and so on.

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The first thing he will say is ” how can people be so dumb as 2 worship me”. I was just a normal human eating and shitting like u.
ps. Jesus will say the same thing.


it doesn’t matter. he is dead, and unless he repented of his sins and his wickedness, and accept Y’shua in his heart, and life, he will eternally be in hell.

Prince Hidalgo

prolly the same way he felt then
that the world and the mind is “mara(crazy)” and that people can still have enlightenment if they so choose…
Buddha knew the world would be as it is, because it is how it has always been


The human condition hasn’t changed. The Dhamma is timeless.


The world is the same as it was when he lived, so I do not think he would be too amased.
Who worships Buddha? Definitely not Buddhists. Must be some new sect I have not heard of.


budda is the man bitchs


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