What would be the theological implications if we could transfer our consciousness to a robot body and live on?

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Would this mean anything about the soul, or death? What would god say? Which bible verses would apply, if any? Believers in the supernatural, would you do it? Why or why not?

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Colette Pioline ART

Caprica rules.


You watch too much TeeVee!


If we could exist by transferring our minds to a robot, that would prove we had no soul. Death would be destroyed unless we functioned by Windows 7, in which case we would reboot at our own risk.


I think it would have more sociological implications than theological ones. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting though. It sure won’t happen in our life times.


In my studies it said there IS a race of robot/souls out there. As our soul can get inside anything and experience what it is like to be that thing. Which is why I think reincarnation teaches we sometimes “have” to come back as animals. Which I do not believe, unless we want to. I think we just have former memories of being inside animals that led to that belief.

Eye of Mars

I think the bigger question about such a thing would be whether or not the consciousness is *actually* preserved, or if we basically have a death on one end and a new person on the other. A new person with the same memories and personality than the old one, but a new personality all the same.
Of course, this is all hypothetical, but still fun to think about 😛

Zsolt H

With your question you consciously or unconsciously stumbled on the true reality.
We are already living in a robot or animal body with a consciousness that has absolutely no connection to that body.
Just think about organ transplants. We are already changing a wide range of body parts, implanting artificial body parts, and most probably it is a matter of time that we start transplanting brains too.
Our “Humanness” is not related to this body which is not different from any other animal around us.
And we have the opportunity to achieve such consciousness during our life with this body, where we can clearly differentiate between our animal nature, and human nature, which human nature lives on beyond the death of the animal body.
There is nothing supernatural in this, this is actual reality, which all of us can perceive here and now.
I would recommend the short articles below for further information.
All the best.


It has already happened and not even God can make it any different. You are a machine, you just don’t know it. You are a clock work Automaton, as every man is a Automaton. The question is, do you even have a consciousness? Do you even have a heart? Do you even have a will?
Whatcha’ say my fellow automaton? Willing to awaken the consciousness, heart, and will in you to become a Man in the real sense of the word, and no longer a “man-machine”?
All I see is I-robots, so few become Man.


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