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What would be the safest was to get into the occult?

Hi, my friend Ashely and I are very interested in the occult.
Spirits, good or bad intrigue us VERY much.
My grandmother, is a medium, but she lives far away so any hopes of talking to her are shut down.
Ashley and I would like to experience some sort of contact with a spirit
So we would like to know the safest way to do so…
Thank you
Ryan & Ashley


  1. Hey guys. My advise would be not to mess with that stuff, but if you really want to read Alex Crowley’s books. Jay-z loves this guy and has a sweatshirt with a quote from him in his fashion line. He writes about occult practices. But nothing good will come out of it, so I would not pursue this interest.

  2. Ouija boards and visiting graveyards at night.
    remember your religious items (in what ever religion you’re in) and be careful of demons and ghost and the po po (police) if you’re in a guarded cemetary.
    oh and tarot cards (they don’t contact spirits though)

  3. there are many ways to experience spirits. but they do not happen on cue so it might take a bit before you really get to experience something. have you tried getting into a paranormal team? or maybe you and your friend Ashley can make a team. try visiting a graveyard or a place said to be haunted. if you need information on them so you can learn more on them try looking at books or internet sources. although some are a little far fetched, some are a slightly truthful. i actually have a team so if you have questions on anything, please feel free to ask. its a dangerous field and can get bad very quickly if not careful. there are alot of safe ways to do it but there is no fail safe way to protect yourself fully. only to help slightly protect you. if you want contact with a spirit, its best to do it the old fashion way and go out and find them.
    hope i have answered some questions and if you have and more questions comments or concerns please feel free to mail me.

  4. I would say contact your grandmother. I started with the first answer and I won’t thumbs down it but I would say that Aleistair Crowley was not a nice man. His Moonchild features a libellous depiction of Macgregor Mathers as the villain. If you want to get into the occult safely the best way would be to read about it first. Specifically read about the Golden Dawn — Mathers, Crowley, William Butler Yeats, Maude Gonne, A. E. Waite and so forth, and how they related to each other and what happened to them. Then you should begin to get an idea what to do or not do.

  5. The occult is extremely dangerous, and there are no such things as good spirits in the occult. Only evil ones.
    If your grandmother really *is* a medium, then she would warn you not to do it.
    There is no way to contact spirits in a safe way.

  6. i would have to say that enochian magick is the safest cleanest form of the occult. but it rater hard to understand.
    good luck
    93 93/93

  7. Try joining an existing local Ghost Hunting Club. This way you can learn the ropes, so to speak, about where to find the spirits and how best to get good photos and voice recordings.
    Otherwise you will have work hard and give up various things to become a medium, since you are not one naturally (i.e. born with the gift).
    Finding a club is only an email away.


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