What would be the effect on Earth if the sun's temperature were 10^3 K rather than 10^4 K?

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All of the energy on Earth comes from the Sun. The surface temperature of the Sun is approximately 10^4 K. What would be the effect on our world if the Sun’s surface temperature were 10^3 K?

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Mag-aral Ka

This means that Irradiance or should we say, Intensity coming from the sun is reduced by 10 Kelvins
This in turn provides lower temperature on Earth.and what would happen if the temp. is lowered? this would be the effects.


The intensity of emissions from a radiating body goes as the fourth power of the absolute temperature. So if the surface of the sun were one tenth its current value, the energy radiated would be 10,000 times less.
To be warm enough to support life, the earth would need to orbit very close to the sun; the sun would fill most of the daytime sky. The huge gravitational tidal force would have long since arrested the earth’s spin, and the earth would be locked in orbit with one side permanently facing the sun. The other side would be frozen in perpetual night. The boundary between day and night sides would be a ring of constant storms and high winds circling the globe.
At only 1000 K, the sun would be a dull red. Most of its radiated energy would be in the infrared frequencies, and it’s likely that animal lifeforms would have evolved infrared vision. They would likely be blind to the frequencies we see as visible light.

Abbas Hamisu

So we have to wake up to fight global warming if not we are going to face irreversible calamity.


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