What would be the best Yoga or meditation camp or vacation for my parents in India?

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I want to send my parents to a vacation where they can relax and do some yoga and meditation. I want the whole trip be comfortable and can be booked online. Any suggestions?

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there are a lot of places in India for the same. Health Spas, yoga centres, holistic healing centres etc etc. also there are a lot of places which although do not provide the above but are good places to relax and unwind. if you can tell me what is ur approx budget for the same is, i will be able to recommend a few places.


It’s true there are many.
Try Isha Foundation near Coimbatore.
Site is- ishafoundation.orgy
Good luck to your parents for a nice time!

Jamil Ji

as heard Kerala is a good place for meditation..

Bhavika V

kerala is a good place for meditation and yoga.


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