What would be a good spell to remove negative energy from my family members?

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We have really been at each other’s throats lately and it seems that there is some much negative energy surrounding us. I want some peace, harmony, love, commitment and especially faithfulness for us all that are living under the same roof.

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Best thing to do is have a positive attitude. You can burn sage in your living space to rid it of negative energy.

Mr. Grey Smiley Face



Spells, necromancers, prostitutes, fortune tellers, sorcerers, and many other things are bad and a reproach according to the bible.

Pagan Mama

The best spell is one you write, nothing will be more powerful.
Honestly, start hugging each other. Then sit down and talk and hash out whatever it is that is plagueing you all.

The Web Man

How about relaxing and having a chat. Discuss your issues and see if you can come to an agreement.


A good candle-burning ritual seems to be in order.
First, though – don’t expect INSTANT results. Spells (which I do very rarely, I focus on spirituality) are the manipulation of energy. They are fueled by our will. You will have to work at harmony – but with your spell, it probably won’t be as hard to achieve it.
Here is what I would do:
Get a candle for each person involved – different colors for different people, OR you can carve their names into a votive candle. Votive candles aren’t as pretty as tapers, but they are cheaper and more plentiful – choose what you like, because the only person that this spell has to conform to is YOU. Make sure to get a white candle for yourself.
Before the ritual, make sure you bathe. It doesn’t HAVE to be anything special (there are oodles of recipes for ritual baths out there) – but you want to go into the ritual clean. It has to do with energy work – purity, a clean slate is what you want to be when you start a ritual.
Do your ritual in time and place where it is relatively calm and peaceful. Background music (calm, relaxing music) can help set the mood and help you to keep your focus on your work. Incense can also calm you and help you to do energy work. Use what you wish – be creative! There is no “special recipe” for a spell. Everyone is different.
Put the petitioner candle (the one representing you) in the middle of the altar. Arrange the other candles in a way that would “balance” your altar – make it equal on both sides. If you are going to carve names on the candles, it is best to bring that implement with you, because it would break your concentration if you had to go retrieve it in the middle of the ritual. Set your incense on your altar wherever you like (I prefer in front of the petitioner candle, but everyone is different.) Do what feels right for you.
Dim the lights, or turn them off. Light your incense. Sit for a moment and meditate on your purpose, to help focus your mind.
Then, light the petitioner candle, and say something (aloud) to the effect of:
“This candle represents (insert your name here)”
Light one of the other candles, representing an involved person. Visualize that person. Say something to the effect of:
“This candle represents (insert name here)
May s/he have happiness, peace, and love.
May chaos and discord flee from him/her.
May this home find peace”
You may write something else, if you feel creative.
Next, you take each of the candles in turn and repeat the visualization, lighting, and incantation.
When you have finished with all the candles, visualize all of those people who are involved with this spell interacting positively; harmoniously. Concentrate on the resolution of the current problems in the home. Meditate for a few minutes on this.
After this, I would prefer to shout: “PEACE”! The purpose of this exclamation would be to “push” the energy toward its purpose with force. Some people prefer not to do this (because it might disturb others in the home, for example), but do as you like.
After the ritual has concluded, you may extinguish the candles (in the event that you may have to do this ritual again at some point), or you may let them burn down. Whatever you feel comfortable with.
For general negative energy, burn a black candle in the hearth of a home. Black candles tend to absorb negativity. Make sure, of course, to state your purpose: “As this candle burns away, so does the negative energy in this home” or something to that effect. Let the candle burn down.
In my religion (Asatru), magical “ethics” are rare. In Asatru, it is perfectly understandable and condoned to put a curse on someone who has wronged you, to repair the damage to your honor. In Wicca, however, there is a huge TROVE of magical ethics. If your views lean towards the Wicca side (“An it harm none, do what thou wilt”), you might want to read up on this first, and ask those involved if they would mind being included in the spell.
Me, personally – I don’t care where the good energy comes from.
Hope this helps you. Good luck on your magical journey. 🙂


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