Home Discussion Forum What would a DMT trip be like for a blind person?

What would a DMT trip be like for a blind person?

Or Salvia?
or lots of shrooms
or LSD
im talking about someone who has never experienced vision. do they have visual dreams? what about the pineal gland?
do you know of any blind artists who create something visual? im in a fascinated mind-state right now
what kind of cannabis could assist autistic individuals? should i just google everything? what if i forget an idea? i’m already forgetting ideas as i ask this


  1. I know blind people dream by hearing things. So they could hear lots of different/trippy things maybe?
    They could actually see things, colours, patterns, people but they wouldnt know because they would have nothing to compare it to 😉

  2. Hahahaha Ive thought about the same thing many times, actually googled it awhile back but cant remember what it said haha

  3. since dmt is extremely powerful, like to a rebirth/spiritual level (this is the chemical that releases when one is dying/having a near-death-experience i believe) perhaps it will trigger that blind person to experience things they have never experienced before, such as perhaps visuals…anything can happen. i was reading a book about near death experiences and a blind person was able to see many things during their NDE…so this wouldn’t be a far-fetched possibility.
    please answer my question…i just want an opinion on a song i wrote


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