What would a 4 year old hag do with a doll that she loves?






A human child would brush it’s hair, but what would a hag child do?
her “doll” is actually a shrunken head… hehehehe
kthnxby: i mean a hag from harry potter! “Hags, also called crones, are a savage sort of creatures that look like ugly, old witches. They employ archaic earth magic and are easily recognised by Muggles. They have been granted the status of Being by the Ministry of Magic, though children and raw liver are a part of their diet. The decision to grant Hags the status of Being was part of the reason to why the Centaurs and Merpeople chose to be classified as Beasts, since they did not want to be associated with them.
Hags can be occasionally encountered in Knockturn Alley or the Leaky Cauldron, and also Hogsmeade though it is not clear if hags live there or merely pass through. Some Hags, like Annis Black, are known to live in caves.
Hags are often malevolent, and some have shapeshifting skills, or at least maintain the illusion of shapeshifting. Hags can be terrifying, apparently, since Quirinus Quirrell allegedly had “a nasty bit of business” with one during his time abroad.”
kthnxby: it doesnt matter, its fantasy, geeze.
Cardimor: its on the harry potter wikia & everything i’ve read there so far has been backed up by j.k rowling, the potter books, or the potter movies -_-


  1. “Hag” is a word for an old woman, long past child-bearing age.
    There’s no such thing as a hag child. A hag’s child would be an adult, and probably old, too.
    Yes, dear, and you bolster my point. Nothing in that description says they have any children….except as food.
    Oh yeah, I’m aware they aren’t real. I’m also aware you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  2. This makes no sense, I’ve read all of Harry Potter and do not recall the term hag being used in anyway different than it’s usual English language meaning.
    Crone means old woman.
    I do not recall any of this from Harry Potter. Is there an 8th book or something?

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