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What will you do to show your support of FRENZY and her daughter?

by Tisha:

Frenzy considers many of you her friends, and I’m sure you feel the same. Right now she is going through a hard time. Her daughter is in the hospital, and they have decided they need to take her off the respirator. Her daughter is not breathing on her own.

Can you pray for her and her daughter, or send them healing thoughts and energy, or even keep them in your thoughts?

*for those of you who know and love Frenzy that are in the dark, here are links that might let you know what is going on.

Thanks everyone.
Bobby – I am in contact with Frenzy, I will certainly let her know that your prayers are with her. She has always spoken highly of you. I know she will appreciate it.

Answer by Cobalt Daisy
Oh that is terrible.

I don’t know Frenzy or her daughter but rest assured my heart goes out to both of them and I will be praying fiercely for the them.

Godspeed Frenzy- a safe journey to Kansas as well!