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what will you do if you always have a stressed and ugly aura?

this cannot be avoided because of my everyday doings at school, how can i prevent it? tips?


  1. Eat some ice. It will lower your core temperature, in turn lowering infra-red radiation that creates your aura.
    I know it’s hard when ur stressed. I have the same problem at work. Try and find times that you are not stressed then approach people.
    A lot of people will be OK if you are stressed every now and then. Some people will react to you and you will know about it. Avoid those who react to your stress or if you have to deal with these people keep your cool, e.g. keep your emotions out of the conversation.
    As for an ugly aura, a bit of stress is unattractive, yes. Just focus on getting things done and when they are done, remember to relax.

  2. There are several techniques to keep your aura clean. Most of them are related to the moon and forces of Nature. The most suitable for you will depend on your date of birth and other factors, but as a rule of thumb, there are some amulets that will prevent your aura from unbalancing. I learnt some ways to clean my aura at http://www.easywhitemagic.com and I feel better now.


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