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What will yoga and pilates do in my situation?

I am getting a lil pudgy now, I have cellulite and my stomach has that lil ponch going on and I wanted to be toned for this summer. I am not overweight or anything its just i I have eccess fat from the birth control i was put on and i want it tightened and toned. If I did yoga/pilates will this do the trick? I dont want to loose tonnes of weight because my upper half is skinny and i dont want to loose my cup size.

Also how many times a week and for how long should I Do yoga?


  • Oh, yeah, I definitely think yoga and pilates is the way to go. I recently was having the same situation, getting a little fluffy from my birth control pills, but not overweight by any means. I started doing a short little 10-minute yoga/pilates workout every morning when I first wake up, and my body is looking great! I still have the same cup size and my butt didn’t shrink, thankfully, but my thighs no longer have that puckery, jiggly quality, and my tummy looks nice and flat now. Also, I have just a hint of abs, like definition. I have also lost about 10 lbs. because I decided to cut soda out of my diet along with the exercising, and it made a great big difference with just a few little pounds. Yoga and pilates are a great way to get a beautiful dancer-like body and be toned without being all muscly and flat-chested. I would recommend you do it every day for like 10 minutes, like I do, but I’m sure you could also get the same results doing it just 3 times a week for like half an hour, if you don’t have the time every morning. Good luck!

  • Yoga and pilates are for soccer moms that don’t want to really work out. Put on your shoes and go jogging, hit the gym, lift some weights. Stop putting so much food in, the less that goes in = the less you need to burn off.

  • i think pilates is great for toning, do it several times a week for half an hour. you won’t lose weight, which is what you wanted anyway. good luck!

  • I would do it 2 to 3 times a week. Also in gage in some cardio too. I use the treadmill 4-5 times a week for a half an hour. And its really working out good. By summer time you will have the body you desire.

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