What will U.S. do if we have another terrorist attack?





If we pull our troops out of the middle east what will our troops do if we have another terrorist attack, should we deploy more troops overseas somewhere? or should we deploy our troops domestically to the terrorist disaster, to help pull out victims? or should the government consult with a psychic (maybe similar to Nostradamus) and predict the next terrorist attack? or should we not do anything) and have a national barbecue in celebration? Well, if another serious terrorist attack occurs and the source is once again from the middle east shouldn’t we sick our troops on that area of insurgency? So basically, wouldn’t it be more economically safer to keep our troops in the susceptible area of insurgency; the middle east? I mean isn’t it wrong for us to cry over not seeing johnny or jane, because we miss them, when it is at the most critical time that we keep the insurgency at bay at not at our doorsteps? I mean johnny and jane did sign up to be a fighting soldier, right?


  1. I would start asking myself why the terrorists wanted to attack the U.S.. The terrorists for sure must have a reason why they picked on the U.S.. I would also ask myself why countries like China, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden Finland, Hongkong, New Zealand, and so many others had not been attacked by terrorists at all. Could it be that past U.S. actions had something to do with it?. Maybe the root cause of it all is hidden somewhere.

  2. The same thing they done the last time, blaming each other for the faulty intelligence and lack of interagency cooperation.

  3. I would hope that day never comes. However, should that day come, I would hope the USA would turn the middle east into a toxic piece of glass….

  4. No one can attack the USA without the knowledge of the CIA.I think what happen in 9/11 was a terrorist attack that could be prevented by the USA but it was the neoconservatives to use this attack as pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.The co sequences were very hard therefore I think if any new attack(which can not be detected) will not result to invade new country.Investigation will take place and reasonable punishment will be taken against the attack supporters.

  5. You know we have been at war for 6 years now and well It’s just stupid. People, blowing up their country is not going to make anything better. No, we would never be able to send more troops out there. People are leaving the military because this war is going on and on and no one knows why anymore.
    Not all the soldiers are fighting soldier. Yes, They did sign up for the war but did they know it would be for year? of course not. Who would sign up for a war that is for 6 or more years?
    If your loved one was gone why would it be wrong to cry? He/she is gone for a long time you can’t help but cry.
    If we were to have another attack I think we should do something, but if that ever happens we should have a plan and not just say “we will send more and more troops until we can think of something else.” That is what Bush did. I don’t think he was thinking about a war being possible when he wanted to be pres. of the US. But who really was?

  6. YES they did sign up to fight for the country but they did not sign up to fight for a mad cause did they?.
    WHAT WILL the us you ask? they will dance a “samba” in the white house and prepare for the next attack on either Iran or Venezuela or both and will be very keen to remove the thorn from their smelly butt.

  7. There will be another terrorist attack, it is just a matter of time. Look around your neighborhood, you may see more people in our Country that are middle eastern and from Sudan, watch them closely. They will attack us this time with more deaths than we can imagine, all done simultaneously. There are sleeper cells here in our Country, waiting for when the time is right! And from what I have learned the bombs are already here in the U.S.A. to use against us.
    I know I haven’t answered all your questions but for some I do not have an answer. Watch for a very expensive car with Diplomatic Immunity tags, normally two Middle Eastern young men dressed in very clothes, jewelry and will take a handicap parking place. The police said to contact them right away.
    They do not have diplomatic immunity, especially hand-cap parking places.

  8. well they have planned the latest attack on the US and will probably blame it on Iran and nuke them??
    this divided country a democracy of hypocrisy will find another terrorist and blame it on him…blah blah
    here we go again!!!

  9. For your kind information Blacks have suffered terrorism attacks from the time brought on the Northern Continent more than 500 years ago. So the terrorist you speak of NOW arent the ones we know of nor worry about! Remember the rights of blacks in the usa are brand new compared to the suffering endured here. Oh so let me see now the whites have found NOW what it is like to sit in the black seat and fear the unknow with no power at all. Well Blacks can endure this for it has nothing to do with blacks nor indians here yes i believe this you see the ones whom started the terrorist way now are terrorized and this is called Karma!

  10. 1) bomb some stuff. Clear out some regimes and install some democracies for the greater good.
    2) keep the troop in the USA and deploy as necessary.
    3) psychics and the Bible have a long standing history of successful predictions I agree with consulting them.
    4) A bar-B-que is always a good idea. I would support a national barbque when the boys/girls come back from Iraq.
    5) No just bomb wherever the terrorists hold passports from. I think this would really work well.
    6) No johnny and jane signed up for free college and hopefully a job that would translate into something outside the military not indefinite occupation of a sovereign nation or fighting a proxy civil war for some Iraq faction

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