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What will the subliminal message be in President Obama's "school" speech, if any?

Great funny anwsers. Don that is interesting and I see what you mean.


  1. It is just a crock to prop up Barry’s failing presidency. One Term Barry wants to appear presidential without actually doing anything.

  2. the message is branding. Look at all the logos they have created for Obama. It’s ridiculous. It’s brand exposure, plain and simple.

  3. Even if he tried…he’d probably screw that up too.
    His subliminal message might be “kill whitey” but it will come out “whitey kill” and then there we go.
    So lets just hope he sticks to some inane “High Kids…I’m the president” shtick or something like that.

  4. Of course there is.
    Before the speech, they are to learn about what a great person Obama is.
    During the speech, he will say things that parents should and probably already do say to their children.
    After the speech, they are to write down “how I can help the president” and the teacher will collect it to be redistributed at another date – to remind them that they have to help the president.
    #1 – this subverts the Parent/Child Relationship – the child now has 2 daddies
    #2 – no critical thinking necessary – just write down how I can help the president and then we will remind you and, of course, you have to keep your word – even if you are 6 years old. (Who knows how they are supposed to “help” the president).


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