Home Discussion Forum What will my buddha belly look like after I give birth?

What will my buddha belly look like after I give birth?

I was just wondering if anyone else got pregnant when they had a buddha belly. I just don’t want to get that yucky cauliflower/popcorn tummy. Did your tummy go back to “normal”?


  1. ive seen alot of women go back to normal. mine did with my first. i mean it was a little jelly like at first lol but it didnt take long. on the other hand i know women who have like a hanging tummy afterwards. it all depends on elasticity i think. good luck.

  2. Oh i hope you get a lot of answers, i’m 35 weeks and i’m so afraid of what my deflated belly will look like. And i’m sure it doesn’t help that I have gnarly stretch marks…i think my belly looks like a pinkish purple zebra pattern…eeeww!

  3. It will look like a jelly belly!! I suggest you take some bike pants or some undies that aren’t too tight but will give your tummy some support for after you give birth. Pack them in your hospital bag.
    Also once you are feeling better sit-ups are a great idea to get your tummy back to normal. Mine is a little dimply after 2 preg (last one twins so i was stretched to the max)and some stretchmarks but i only have a little tummy now.

  4. Your gonna look a little fat, but you have a reason. But for one thing it does NOT go back to normal. It will be like water weight, with about a month or two of exercise and hard core diet, THEN you’ll be back to normal.
    Hope it helped =)

  5. I had a huge buddha belly with all 3 pregnancies and my tummy went back to normal very quickly :0) With the first 2 pregnancies my tummy was normal very fast as it was all baby and the muscles didn’t take long to get in shape. With the 3 pregnancy it was all baby also except it took about 3 weeks longer to get the tummy muscles back to normal. I was very lucky also that I didn’t get one stretch mark (not that it matters). I enjoyed my buddha bellies while they lasted.

  6. Whether or not your body goes back to “normal” should really be secondary compared to this new life you have brought into the world, but you knew that right… LOL
    I know some girls that have had kids and are self concious about the way their bodies have changed. Others say that their bodies have gone back to “normal” and they are still self concious.
    From what I have seen there can be some differances between the old tummy and the new but I’m in the camp that really does not care about that kind of thing. Just thought I’d give a mature guys perspective.

  7. I had my baby boy 4 weeks ago and my tummy is definitely not normal! I look to be about 5 months pregnant still, it just hangs there. I absolutely hate it, but I just started working out and hopefully it will get back to normal


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