What Will I Need To REALLY Understand Hunduism?

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I have read the Bhagavad-Gita, Srimad -Bhagavatam, 3 books of Vedas (very hard to find and do not own), Tibetan Book Of The Dead, scores of books about Hinduism and Buddhism, I chant “Hare Krishna-Rama” sporadically, meditate etc. I have studied these things since I was about 12 and truely believe that the ANSWER lies within.
Yet, I dont really understand it, cant quote from them cant keep all of the figures straight.
How can I REALLY understand the truth and where do I go to find it? (anyone who says the bible or koran will be reported.)

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Frank D

A good dictionary.


you must meditate and I think your understanding will come when the time is right

Merry Prankster

hate to tell you, but NOBODY really understands the truth. we may have glimpses of truth, but humans are limited in understanding. so go for the knowledge, but don’t expect to be some all knowing cosmic being.

†h€ Úñ£€ß¡£€ Ñám€

read the bible
see jesus
instead of satan

larry f

look in the bible


To all the Bible preachers who answered this question.The question clearly states the Bible and Koran preachers to stay away.But you are so shameless to intervene and offer your needless and hopeless help.
People for millennia are living freely finding their own ways, and some almost reached perfection to reach the God like some hindu sages and Rishis.Then God created the real Satans or obstacles to distract some pathetic creatures not to reach him.So he created some powerful satanic creatures, the so called messengers of God.They are so powerful that majority of the masses fell in to the trap and followed them blindly without any logic.Their satanic spell is so strong that millions have converted and forced millions more to convert.The only people who will fall for these kinds of traps are average people who will never understand God but will only appreciate the absolute statements of some manipulators. And that is what God wanted.He doesn’t want all these average creatures to find him. Only the cream, only the Rishis, only the intelligent people will realize him.The others will indulge in conversion, making money,building churches and writing books and selling them in the name of God. Brilliant people will keep their quest for God and will follow the road less travelled and will find God.These evil forces are hard to escape from and they are everywhere and offer help unwanted.Real diamonds never need any marketing,who can dare will relentlessly search for the Gems and go to the mines, they don’t waste their time in the market looking for cheap sales.Only fake stones need marketing and as is with all the religions that are up for sale.So be ware of these fake religious marketing forces.


Reading gives you intellectual Knowledge only.
You cannot find God through intellectual enquiry.
You have to know what it is you really want in life.
Do you want to ask questions or do you want to experience?
If you want both then read, read and read more books.
When you read you have to contemplate on what you have read.
With contemplation you will get answers and understanding.
The understanding will be your own, but whatever you understand will be good.
You cannot expect someone to give you all the answers.
You must seek them yourself since your life is your journey and not the author of the scriptures. When the first sages realised; they did so by contemplating and meditating.
Understanding will come slowly as you progress in life.
Understanding will come as you read the understanding of others.
If all you want is to be able to quote great slokas and passages etc.
Then revise and make notes and keep them handy But I ask then What?
Its good only for intellectual debate with others of different view points.
Do you want the book to tell you how to behave, worship and live righteously?
I thought you can do that with your heart :- Charity, humbleness, love, friendship, piety, right actions, help those in need, Speak the truth etc. these things you already know.
How many Hindus have grown up learning the scriptures?
So the other choice leaves you with direct relationship with God.
Having a relationship with God builds up an emotion and a bond.
Emotions of Love and bonding brings you experience of God.
Through Meditation of complete surrender to God.
You have to learn to let everything go.
You can fulfil earthly duties and still direct your thoughts to God.
Bhakti or devotion is one way.
Bhajans or chanting or Mantras sitting in deep contemplation on God.
This is serious stuff and not for experimenting but must be a genuine desire.
The Bhagvad Gita teaches you wonderful things but again you have to take one sloka at a time and contemplate on them. Let the thoughts flow through.
Gita–Life is full of ups and down and the only factor that is constant is you!
How you react to the world there lies your Joy or Sorrow.
If I swear at you but you are NOT hurt by it then that swear word has no meaning AND no power. The person who said it has no power over you.
If you give that word power by becoming angry then it is you who will have tension, trauma and suffer the consequences.
Life is as simple as that.
How you react to the world will make or break you.
Gita summary which you need to take away
Whatever happened was for good.
Whatever is happening is also for good.
Whatever will happen will also be for good.
What did you lose of your own that you are crying for?
What did you bring with you that you have lost?
What did you create that has been destroyed?
Whatever you possess you have got it from here.
Whatever belongs to you today, it belonged to someone else yesterday.
And tomorrow it will belong to someone else.
You don’t need anything to understand Hinduism because your faith and devotion is all that is required.
A lot of devotional sages have found God and a lot of intellectual Rishis have walked in India. Learn about the lives of each of them and see how they evolved spiritually. Intellectually and Experience can both work since many have also gained peace and understanding.
Adi Shankracharya (788-820)
Aghoreshwar Bhagwan Ramji b.1937
Akka Mahadevi
Amar Jyoti
Anandmayee Amma b.1896
Anandmurti Gurumaa
Annada Thakur
Appayya Dikshidar
Baba Lokenath (1730-1890) Bengali Mystic
Bhadrachala Ramadas
Bhaskara Raya 1690-1785
Bodhendra Saraswati 17th century
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu 18th of February 1484-1527
Chandidasa 14th century
Dada Bhagwan aka Shri Ambalal Muljibhai Patel
Dr Niruben Amin
Dadu Dayal
Dariya Saheb
Dayanand Saraswati
Eknath 1533-1599
Gautam Buddha
Gopi Krishna
Guru Nanak 1469-1538
Gurudev Jangalidas Maharaj [Vishwatmak Gurudev]
Indira Devi
Jadunath Sinha was born in 1892
Jaggi Vasudev
Jayadeva 12th century
Jnaneshwar 1275-1298
Kabir 1398-1518
Krishnamacharya b 1888
Madhwacharya 1199-1278
MahaMahopadhyaya Pt Gopinath Kaviraj ji
Maharish Mahesh yogi b.1917
Maharishi Vedvyasa
Manav Dharma Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj
Mira Bai 1498-1547
Morari Bapu
Muktananda (1908 – 1982)
Muthuswami Dikshidar 1775-1835
Nadamuni (825-918)
Namadeva 1270-1350
Narayana Bhattadri
Nardanand b.1958
Narsi Mehta 1414-1481
Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji
Nityananda b. about 1896
Nityananda (d. 1961)
Osho Rajneesh
Pandurang Shastri Athavale b. Oct. 19, 1920 –2003
Paramsant Dr. Chaturbhuj Sahai Ji
Parmahansa Yogananda
Paul Twitchell
Pillai Lokacharya 1264-1327
Prahlad Chandra Brahmachari [b. between 1900 and 1910?]
Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya
Pujya Asaram Ji Bapu
Purandara Dasa 1480-1564
Raidas or Ravidas 15th century
Rama of the Himalayas
Rama Tirtha
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa 1836-1886
Ramakrishna Parmahamsa 1836-
Ramana Maharshi 1879-1950
Ramananda 1299-1410
Ramaprasad 1718-1775
Ramdev Ji Maharaj
Ramesh Balsekar
Rameshbhai Oza
Rawatpura Sarkar
Sadasiva Brahmendra
Sadhu Vaswani
Sai Baba
Samarth Ramdas 1608-1682
Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
Sathya Sai Maharaj
Shivom Tirth was born in 1924
Shri Shri Ravi Shankar
Shriram Sharma Acharya B 1911
Shyama Sastri 1762-1827
Sri Sri Srimannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar
Sridhar Swami Maharaj
Srila Prabhupada September 1st, 1896 — 14 November 1977
Surdas 1478-1581
Swami Radha B. 1911
Swami Narayan 1781-1830
Swami Satchidananda
Swami Tapovan Maharaj of Uttarkasi
Talapaka Annamacharya 15th century
Thayumanavar 1705-1742
The Twelve Alwars
Thiru Muruga Kirupanandha Variyar, Variyar Swamigal
Thyagaraja Swami 1759-1547
Tukaram 1598-1650
Tulsidas 1497-1623
Dada Vasvani
Vallabhacharya 1473-1531
Vamaksepa b.1837 – Bengali saint
Vedanta Desikacharya 1269-1369
Swami Venkatesananda
Vidyapati 1350-1450
Vidyaranya 14th century
Vinoba Bhave September 11, 1895
The Sixty-three Saiva Saints (Nayanmars)

Tommy H

Understanding Hinduism is probably not worth the effort. Understanding the truth subsequently attain enlightenment in the ultimate goal. There is a very brief statement about the relationship between Hinduism and Buddhism that might interest you, in the section titled: “The Buddha School Qigong and Buddhism” in the Zhuan Falun scripture available in the web. Keep ia strong, focus, clear mind, in peaceful manner to obtain the truth. Good luck with the reading.


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